Vaishno Dasika



I will be running two half marathons in Austin to raise money to support and build schools for poor children in India. I’ve been blessed with an excellent education, but many children in India are unable to  get even a basic K-12 education, either due to a lack of schools in their area, inability to afford tuition fees, or a variety of other reasons, most of which can be attributed to poverty. These children will never have the opportunity to develop their potential, unless we make an active effort to make eduation accessible to them. Therefore, I’m raising money to fund schools for underpriviledged children in India by running two half marathons in 2012 (Jan 29 and Feb 19).

Running two half marathons will be the most physically challenging task I have undertaken to date, but I believe in this cause, so I don’t mind the incredible pain my legs feel at the end of my long training runs. My goal is to raise $1310 before my 2nd race on February 19, 2012. Please click on any of the donation links below to sponsor the education of impoverished children.

Your donation will go directly towards supporting various educational projects, and every little bit helps. A small contribution on our part, such as the amount of money we spend on a night out, will make a significant difference in the lives of underpriviledged children, so please take a few minutes to donate. Some employers match the donations of their employees, and if yours does that, you could essentially double your contribution.

Thank you so much!

P.S.: If you would like additional details on how exactly your money will be used to help the children, additional information can be found on the Asha Austin website (, or you can send me an email with questions. Asha is a zero-overhead, volunteer-driven organization that supports education projects in India, so your donation will go directly to the schools.