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 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
— Mahatma Gandhi 


  • A low-overhead, 100% volunteer-driven 501c(3) organization (EIN: 77-0459884)
  • Catalyze socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children
  • Established in 1991, 1500+ volunteers, 50+ chapters and has worked with 400+ projects
  • Disbursed 45M+ USD till date
  • A 4-star charity on Charity Navigator for past 7 consecutive years


  • Chapter established in 1997 and has worked with 32+ project partners till date
  • Project disbursements close to 950k+ USD till date
  • Chapter projects focus on special needs and/or alternate education in rural parts of India
  • Currently works with 8 project partners and 1 fellowship
  • Anticipated project disbursements of 150k USD for 2020-21, to benefit 2000+ children and 60+ teachers
  • Annual report of Asha-Austin for 2019


  • Work with project partners over a 7-year term and help build credibility and work towards sustainability
  • Support recurring expenses of schools, e.g. teacher salaries, cost of teaching and learning material
  • Regular reviews every 6 months and project disbursements for specific line-items of support
  • Review of project partner audit reports, understanding of their funding partners, and working capital ratio
  • Provide support for crowdfunding and CSR grants to encourage project partner sustainability


  • Special Needs:
    • Mathru, a residential home for children with physical disabilities, Bengaluru, Karnataka
    • Khushboo, a school for children with mental and multiple disabilities, Gurugram, Haryana
    • Nethra, a residential school for children with visual disabilities, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    • Samarth, a residential school for children with physical and mental disabilities, Chatrapur, Odisha
  • Alternate Education:
    • GSK-Girirajpura, a primary school in rural Rajasthan
    • Navjyoti, a primary school in rural Uttar Pradesh
    • Sangamam, computer-based intervention in government schools of rural Uttar Pradesh
    • Antyodoy, a primary school in rural West Bengal
  • Fellowships
    • Siddamma, a grass-roots social worker in rural parts of Tamil Nadu
  • COVID-19 Relief
    • Samarth, 45 families of special needs children and 11 families of staff for 3 months dry ration
    • Siddamma, 1034 families in 39 villages for 10 kgs of rice per family


  • Team Asha – Strides of Hope
    • A volunteer-led marathon training program
    • New and alumni runners train and complete their marathons while fundraising for Asha-Austin
  • Support a child Program
    • Support of a child’s education for two quality projects of long-standing, credibility and accountability
    • Annual support for a child at 20 USD/month for GSK-Girirajpura and 25 USD/month for Khushboo
  • Corporate Fundraisers

Event Flier


$25Monthly therapy session cost for each special child at Khushboo
$30Monthly support for a special child at Nethra
$50Monthly food, educational and medical support for each special child at Mathru (OR)
Monthly salary of a school teacher at Antyodoy (OR)
Covid-19 relief of 10 kgs of rice for 10 families in rural Tamil Nadu via Siddamma’s efforts
$75Monthly operational cost for one vocational training center for adolescent girls
at Navjyoti
$85Monthly teaching and learning material cost at GSK-Girirajpura (OR)
Monthly computer-based training cost at each govt. school for Sangamam
$100Monthly salary of an Asha teacher for Sangamam/Navjyoti (OR)
Covid-19 relief for 3 months dry ration for a family of 5-8 of a special child at Samarth
$150Monthly salary of a teacher at Nethra/ Samarth
$240Annual support for each child at GSK-Girirajpura
$300Annual support for each special child at Khushboo