COVID-19 Relief Efforts

2nd COVID-19 wave

India is battling with the second wave of COVID-19 virus. With massive number of people getting sick and the grim number of deaths across the country, various state governments now have lockdown in effect. This has again threatened the livelihoods and wellbeing of the most vulnerable sections of society in unprecedented ways. Many families have lost their jobs affecting their ability to provide for basic day-to-day necessities. We at Asha Austin are primarily focusing our fundraising efforts toward helping the struggling local communities in which our eight key educational initiatives are currently based.

Join us in our effort to support the daily laborers, domestic workers, as well as our school staff and students whose families have been impacted by this crisis. Your generosity can go a long way in helping communities and our project partners cope with the challenges they are facing day to day.

Immediate needs

Your donation of $100 will help provide 10 families with dry ration and hygiene kits.

ProjectLocationProject BriefBeneficiaries
AntyodoyPaushi, West BengalSchool for economically disadvantaged children408
SangamamRajatalab, U.P.Computer/Alternative education for economically disadvantaged children500
SamarthGanjam, OrissaResidential school for physically disadvantaged children256
NavjyotiNagepur, U.P.Rural school for economically disadvantaged children560
GSKSawai Madhopur, RajasthanRural school for economically disadvantaged children563

In addition, your support can also help with relief efforts such as mask making, PPE kits for volunteers at quarantine centers, awareness drives and preliminary testing using thermal scanners and pulse oximeters.

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2020 : Relief efforts

Asha Fellow : Siddamma

Our long time ASHA fellow Siddamma (wearing mask in first image) has visited Keelapoongudi (an Irula Village in Tamil Nadu) as well as villages in Thiruvallur, Cuddalore and Vellore to distribute rice to those who have close to nothing now since they can’t get out and work. Many villagers have not been able to avail the rice or money the government has been distributing during the COVID 19 lockdown since they don’t have ration cards.

Samarth, Ganjam (Orissa)

Dr. Kakala Ananda organized a distribution drive for families of 45 students (with 5 to 8 members each family) at Samarth, a school we support in Ganjam district, Orissa.

They have distributed the Safety Kits (which includes 3 Hand Washes, 3 Shampoos, 3 Sanitizers, 3 Phenyl Bottles, 5 Soaps, 1 Turkish, 2 Towels, 10 Masks and a Paper Bag) and food items (basic ration etc) to each family.

All the members of Samarth school and the individual families in distress have appreciated our small contribution in this crisis situation.

Asha Fellow : Nandlal Master

Our long time ASHA fellow Nandlal Master and fellow volunteers have been collecting food grains locally and distributing it to folks needing help.

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