Rajashekhar Modugu

Do you believe that more than 50% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line? Yes, it is a disturbing fact. And, more than 40% of this population is children. The lack of basic needs such as housing, food and education significantly limits this great nation’s growth.

In India, there are children living in slums and on the streets, child laborers and child construction workers. Today, unfortunately India has one of the highest numbers of children working for meager wages just to help their families survive. When children work they have much less time at home with their families or to attend primary school and learn basic skills such as the ability to read, write or solve basic math problems. Following pictures illustrate the much needed attention towards children under poverty line.

ASHA is a secular organization working to improve the lives of many poor children in India by taking up initiatives to sponsor their educational needs. At Asha, we believe that education is the basic necessity that helps children become self dependent and thrive in their adult life thus eradicating the poverty step by step.

Inspired by SOH (Strides of Hope) program, I will be participating in Houston 2012 half marathon run to support the well intentions of ‘Asha’ to support the poor children in India. I also committed to fundraise $1310 (that is $100 per mile I run in my half marathon), the amount is spent towards the development of schools and education of children. I welcome you to join hands with me and become a part of this great change in underprivileged children’s lives. More details regarding the Asha’s programs can found here.

Thank you,