Pritam Kokate


As a firm believer of education and a passion to learn more, I have recently enrolled in  MBA program with UT Austin.  UT-Austin… What starts here.. Changes the world… With this in mind I want to make a difference from where my education started …

Education is something, i was always fortunate to get as a kid.
while some of you know me well, how much i endured that opportunity and made the most out of it…;)

Now when I’m back to school..  It’s a dejavu of my school days in India all over again.. having fun with friends …share the laughs .. and then the night outs spent while completing a project or be it studying for some test…then after a short phase of crazy determination.. back again was the “enjoy your life at the fullest” phase..

Overall you would notice the pattern of enjoying was pretty prominent during my school days. .. And I truly strive to keep it that way even now.. I’m sure this was the case for many of you.. However, back in India.. There are parts in rural India is where getting an education is considered secondary. Moreover.. It is hard to imagine a life of a disabled child

Asha for education supports a noble cause by providing education and other means to kids from rural villages in India. There are several projects that Asha-Austin supports. one of which caught my attention is Asha Deepa school for blind. Members of Asha paid a surprise visit to the school itself and reported the school condition and how the kids were benefited by the donations.

I want to be a part of this change and get involved as I  much as I can in this generous cause by raising money towards this and many other projects that Asha-Austin supports.

Here I’m.. requesting you to help me reach my goal of raising $750 so that kids who are not as fortunate as us will get education and other means of living. Let us try and make a difference together. Every small amount counts.

FYI, many corporations have a donation matching program. Please check with your company OR here if your company participates in donation matching.

Thanks so much for your help. Team Asha-Austin is grateful to your donation.