Sindhu & Rangakrishnan Srinivasan


Thank you for visiting our Strides of Hope page. We are training to run the 3M Half Marathon on January 30, 2011 and Austin Half Marathon on February 20, 2011 as members of Team Asha to support the cause of primary education for the underprivileged. Our fundraising goal is 3000$, and we have chosen to raise funds for Khushboo Welfare Society, a special education school in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. We look forward to your support and encouragement to help make this possible.

We are both excited about running the half marathon together for Team Asha this season. Both of us strongly believe that knowledge is power and that the gift of education is the greatest of them all. An Indian Vedic saying goes, “Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya” – a prayer to the Divine Mother to lead us from darkness to light; it is better to light the candle than curse the darkness. Whatever we can, we should do and together, we can make a difference. Yes, we can!

Sindhu : “I wonder how I am going to do this. I have never run more than 2 miles till now! I’m scared! Excited too!!”
Ranga : “Me too! Its been a long hiatus from running for me! Courtesy, an injury last season! Its going to be tough”

For both of us, it is a great personal challenge and we hope to make this happen!

We are running for Khushboo, a special education school and rehabilitation center that caters to children, adolescents and adults (0-30+ years), who are mentally challenged. The school was started in 1995 by three spirited individuals, touched by this cause. It currently caters to the needs of 150 children, and 50 children attend the school on a full-time basis. Khushboo aspires to integrate these children into mainstream society and help them be independent and self-reliant individuals.

The simple things in life are the most extraordinary and there is a definite beauty in “mundaneness”. Children with special needs have every right to lead a normal life.

We firmly believe in Khushboo’s vision and would want their goals and dreams to become a reality. For more information on Khushboo, please visit Asha-Austin’s project page. Till date, Asha-Austin has disbursed close to 31k since 2008.

Asha is a zero-overhead 501(c)(3) organization which means that every $$$ raised will directly benefit the school. Drops of water make an ocean, and every contribution, no matter how big or small will go a real long way in helping Khushboo. Expenses towards a child are about 25$ a month and our fund raising target of 3000$ aims to support 10 children for a school year.

Please check with your company for a corporate matching program. It is a great way to automatically increase your effective contributions to our fund raising. Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications. Here’s a list of companies that match.

Thanks again,for your time and patience. We, the children of Khushboo and Asha-Austin appreciate your support.