Savitha Sridharan

Welcome (back) to my fundraising page! Sounds like deja vu to me :). This will be the 6th year I will be running with Team Asha and each year is just a memorable experience to take back…

I am training to run the Bandera 50k trail race as part of Team Asha. My target race is on Jan 8, 2011. I also plan to run the Nueces 50k trail race as part of Team Asha on March 6, 2011 at the Camp Eagle park in the beautiful hill country of Texas.This will be the second time I will be running both the races. Training for these races has not been easy, with the runs getting longer and harder every week. But I want to do it because I am proud to be a Team Asha runner and it’s for a cause I am deeply passionate about…

I have been working with an organic farming resource center (community model farm) initiative by Bharathi Trust in Thiruvalur district in Tamil Nadu, mainly driven by Asha Fellow Siddamma. The Bharathi Trust Resource Center is meant to serve as a model farm for the community so that they can understand the age old practices of sustainable agriculture which were used extensively in India. The idea is to lead by example and show the farmers that organic farming is a sustainable form of agriculture which is symbiotic with nature.

For these wonderful initiatives to succeed, they need your support! I have pledged to raise $5000 by the completion of my races. Please contact me for more information on these projects or to sponsor my race and help me reach my fundraising target through Asha for Education. Asha for Education is a zero-overhead, volunteer-driven organization that supports education projects in India in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change.

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