Suresh Warrier


Welcome to my fundraising page! I am training with Team Asha to run the 3M Half Marathon at the end of Jan 2010, and if my body can handle it, the Austin Marathon, 2 weeks later.

I am running because I would like to raise money and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in India. This is indeed one of the most challenging tasks I have undertaken, so please sponsor me by donating to Asha for education.

I (in fact, most people reading this page) have been privileged to have had a good education. My parents were able to support me through my student years and money for school or college fees was never something that I ever had to worry about. However, in India, as we of Indian background at least should be aware, there is a huge population of kids who cannot even get 3 square meals a day, forget about attending school. I am running with the Asha team to support these underprivileged kids.

Why did I choose Asha among the thousands of charities out there ? I was very impressed with the volunteers at Asha, with their passion and the zeal they show for this cause. I mean, these are young men and women, who have dedicated a significant portion of their time for this cause. Asha Austin finances 18 projects all around India that bring hope and comfort to the lives of thousands of little children. And the half marathons is their major source of fund raising. I think education is the best gift you can give a child. Not only do you save the child, you also save his/her family. I cannot be more proud than to be associated with a charity like Asha Austin where everyone gives their 100% to the cause.

Really speaking, I hate asking for money, but if this can bring so much good, then that is motivation for me.

My goal is to raise $100/mile. Please help me by donating to this worthy cause. Any amount, however small, is greatly appreciated!