Sangeetha Subramaniam


Thank you for visiting my page.

I’ve participated in half marathons and triathlons in the past 3 years. Although training and racing was a huge personal accomplishment and a tremendous high, I knew that the next big race would have to benefit more than just myself.

Asha for Education slogan “ I run so that they can read “ struck a cord with me. In January 2010, I plan to run a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged in India by raising money for Asha For Education.

Asha for Education is a zero-overhead, volunteer-driven organization that supports education projects in India in the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change.

My goal is to raise $100/mile for Asha for Education. By sponsoring me towards my fund raising target you can become a part of my effort to brighten India’s future!

I also wanted to let you know that Corporate matching is a great way to automatically match your donations. Please do check if your company has a matching program.

Thank you once again and I look forward to your support and encouragement.