Gopi Manapragada



Thanks for visiting my fund-raising page.

I am training to run for the Bandera 25K (25 kilometers) which is going to be on Jan 9th, 2010. Having done a couple of road races, I decided to run a trail race as it would challenge me more and of course to enjoy the great views of Hill country.

This is my second year of fund-raising for Asha. I truly believe a sound education (not just having more literacy rate) can make a solid difference and bring about a positive change to any community. So I am fund-raising for Prajnalaya, an educational institution in Assam, India. Prajnalaya teaches children to be self-reliant with education and vocational courses in organic farming, handlooms, fishery etc,. with involvement from local people. By taking vocational courses, students have a better chance of finding livelihood and an extra edge in a competitive world. You can visit Prajnalaya’s website to learn more.

Asha for Education is a zero-overhead, volunteer driven organization that helps underprivileged children in India to get education that will help better their and our lives too. Visit projects supported by Asha to learn more.

While $52 or $100 is the suggested amount, please donate any amount that is comfortable for you. Because no amount is small when it comes to helping people in need. Most companies have matching programs that donate a percentage of what you donate. Please check here if your company offers such programs. You can also contact your company HR if the company is not listed here.

For more updates on my runs checkout my blog.