Program Overview

Why Run?
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Asha Austin’s training program provides the necessary coaching and support system for both the experienced and beginner runner. When we began the marathon program in 2005, most of our runners were first-time marathon runners. All the runners who have completed our training have been successful in running the marathons or half-marathons or 10ks of their choice. Some have taken a step forward and even participated in ultra-marathons!

The training period typically lasts for over a period of six months for a marathon or half-marathon and three months for a 10K, and includes many aspects:

  • Comprehensive guidance from professional coaches
  • Schedules and support for weekend runs and weekday workouts
  • Strength training and core workouts
  • Nutrition Clinics
  • One-on-one guidance from mentors on running and fundraising goals
  • Shoe fit guidance and discounts
Asha Austin’s Commitment

Asha Austin will provide a comprehensive training program and support required for the successful completion of your target race. The SOH program is backed by a team of dedicated people including experienced professional coaches who will support you throughout the training regimen. Our training partner will host clinics to help improve your technique and to provide tips on injury prevention, nutrition and gear. The program will also provide a network of past participants who will share their training and fundraising experiences. There will be team trainings that will provide you with opportunities to run with the coaches. The program will also arrange for buddy-runs every week so that you stay motivated and focused, while at the same time you enjoy your training sessions.

Your Commitment To Asha

Raise funds for Asha. You will be committed to raising funds for Asha. These funds will be used to support our projects promoting the education of underprivileged children in India. Except for the costs directly associated with the organization of this program, all funds raised will go towards our projects. The program will also provide substantial support in planning your fundraising strategy and helping you realize your fundraising goal.

Train for and run the marathon. The marathon, half-marathon and 10K training programs are comprehensive programs that will require your to commit 3 to 7 hours every week.  In order to ensure a successful training program, we require that you be able to walk-run either 1/2 hour at any speed or 2 miles at any speed continuously. Be sure to get clearance from your doctor if you have any concerns.

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