Donate to Team-Asha SOH


Thank you for taking the first step by visiting Asha Austin’s SOH website. Since the inception of SOH in 2005, more than 250 runners have together raised $360,000, which has helped support numerous children across our projects. We are truly grateful for all the support provided by each and every one who made this happen. Everyone including the runners, members and crew is proud of this achievement.

This year, Strides of Hope aims to raise $30,000, to ensure continuing support for all our projects providing food, shelter and education to underprivileged children. We really need your help this year in meeting this goal. Asha Austin may not be able to support all our projects in 2013 if we are not able to raise this amount. We urge you to donate generously and help us achieve this fund-raising target.

You can help a Team Asha runner to meet their fund raising target by donating directly on their runner page or use the following online donation links to support Asha SOH as a whole. Please feel free to contact the coordinators of SoH for any questions you might have.

Once again, we are truly thankful for your support and look forward to making this year’s program a success!

Team Asha Austin