Seema Sangani

What’s this about?

I am training to run a half marathon this year. This is first time ever I am running. Somehow, I am so motivated and inspired to do something for myself and also help with a good cause for children for Education. I hope to raise funds for Asha for Education, a non-profit organization, working to bring socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children.
My race is on Jan 20, 2019. I hope to complete this challenge with fun and no injury! Wish me luck ūüôā

Why run for this cause?
We all are very fortunate to be in the place where we are today and to have choices in life. There are millions of children in India who do not have a choice but to work as child laborers. Most of them grow up without ever going to a school, not knowing what it would have been like to get an education. This is an effort to give them a choice to get educated. A choice to experience a better life and a chance to be a child again.

Why Asha for Education?

Asha for Education is a low-overhead, 100% volunteer-driven 501c(3) organization that works on education in India with the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. It has scored “Perfect 100” on¬†Charity Navigator¬†for 3 years in a row for being a low-overhead, transparent, and accountable organization. Importantly, it means your donation has a big impact on children, teachers and schools who need our help, support and motivation.


My Goal is to raise $2600. Funds raised will go towards education, food, therapy and medical expenses (with certain project partners) for underprivileged children supported by Asha-Austin. Following are some projects currently funded by them :

  • Gramin Shiksha Kendra’s Girirajpura School¬†(GSK), an alternative education school, in rural Rajasthan, India, with ~100 children, helped setup by Asha-Austin in 2015. Asha-Austin supports the operational expenses of the school for ~20k USD annually, towards teacher salaries, teaching and learning material. Further, Asha-Austin helped construct a classroom in 2016-17 (Video).
  • Mathru Foundation, a residential home for children with physical disabilities, in Bangalore, India. Asha-Austin supports the operating expenses of the home, since 2015, for ~12.5k USD annually, towards food, education and medical needs for the 19 children (Video).
  • Khushboo Welfare Society¬†(KWS), a school for children with mental and multiple disabilities, with ~115 children, in Gurgaon, India. Asha-Austin is currently supporting their new initiatives program, since 2016, and funds salaries of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, arts teacher, music teacher, dance teacher, computer teacher, yoga teacher and pottery instructor for ~20k USD annually (Video).
  • Nethra Vidyalaya – Varija School¬†(Nethra), a residential school for children with visual impairments, with ~114 children, in Vishakapatnam, India. Nethra is Asha-Austin’s latest project and is currently supporting salaries of seven teachers, imparting Maths, Science, Social Science, English, Computer Science, Braille, and Martial Arts and Yoga, since 2018 for ~12.5k USD annually (Video).

What can you DO ?

Please consider donating through my fundraiser. Your contribution is tax-deductible¬†(Tax ID: 77-0459884, Asha for Education) and the money raised is extremely invaluable in supporting Asha for Education, Asha-Austin chapter and Team Asha’s mission.

Support a child with your gift of education today. Enrich a life forever. 

    25$Monthly therapy session cost for each special child at KWS (physiotherapy/ psychotherapy/ occupational therapy/ yoga, dance and music lessons)
30$Monthly support for education for each special child at Nethra
50$Monthly food expenses for each special child at Mathru
85$Monthly teaching and learning material cost for Girirajpura School of GSK
100$Monthly food, educational and medical support for each special child at Mathru
131$10$ for every mile of my run to support education for the underprivileged children back in India
250$Annual support for each child at Girirajpura School of GSK
300$Annual support for each special child at KWS
360$Annual support for each special child at Nethra

How to DONATE? 

I request that you make your tax-deductible¬†donation on this secure page by clicking on the “DONATE NOW” button on the top-right, prior to¬†February 17, 2019.¬†

Company Matching

Majority of Companies match employee donations. This is an great way to double the impact of your donation.

  • Search “Asha for Education” in your Company’s Giving portal
  • Please¬†ensure address & EIN (Tax-ID)¬†are :
    • Address : PO Box 398080, San Francisco, CA 94139-8080
    • EIN: 77-0459884
  • Provide details about your donation on the Giving portal.
    • Note some companies want employees to donate through their Giving portal. Please check this before making the donation on this page.
  • Please include¬†‚ÄúSeema Sangani,¬†Austin Chapter‚ÄĚ in Description section.
  • Please email me or¬†¬†so we may know to expect a donation match.

Please remember that whatever you can donate is valuable. Helen Keller once said ‚ÄúAlone we can do so little; together we can do so much‚ÄĚ. And I request you, to take this journey with me towards my goal.

Thank you.

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